Pioneers in offering comprehensive technical assistance: engineering, architecture, aquaculture and consulting.

Impulso has carried out projects of great complexity with high levels of efficiency, precision and quality for all its clients, including well-known companies and public administrations both at home and abroad.

Its geographical areas of activity are Spain, Africa and Latin America. The company operates primarily in the following key industry sectors: energy, chemicals, agro-food, metal mechanics, aerospace, ITC, biotechnology, transport, construction in general and construction of singular and remarkable buildings, technology centres, and science and technology parks, aquaculture,  as well as the tourism and culture industries.

Impulso offers comprehensive specialised assistance in the implementation of ideas and projects; in each case we look for the best technical and financial solutions while guaranteeing the maintenance of schedules, budget, quality, safety and application of corrective environmental measures.

Engineering: Technical assistance in completing engineering projects, expert management and control over works, project management, studies and reports

Architecture: Technical assistance in developing architectural and town planning projects, expert management and control over works, project management, studies and reports.

Consultancy: Comprehensive managing and optimization of financing support to investment and technological innovation projects. Tax deductions.

Aquaculture: Technical assistance in developing aquaculture projects, studies and reports.

Geology and Mining: Technical assistance in geological, mining projects. Preparation of technical studies and reports for civil service and private company.


Geología y Minería: Asistencia técnica integral para la realización de Proyectos geológicos, mineros, redacción de estudios e informes técnicos para la Administración Pública y la empresa privada. 

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