Nuevo Centro de diseño y desarrollo de prótesis médico quirúrgicas


This new, hi-tech surgical prosthetics R&D centre is built around a central, vertical atrium, with overhead natural lighting from saw-tooth skylights perfectly oriented towards the north

For this new technology centre, the double-layer façade was based on stainless steel meshes combined with low-e glass panes and ventilated stone; a modern image for this centre researching the application of technologies coming from other fields in the manufacture of custom-made implants of various types.

An outer reception square is planned that will enhance the building’s presence and allow public events of all kinds to be held there.

The central space, lit from above, also contains the building’s circulation spaces and provides for a circular spatial organisation centred around the foyer ramp and efficient from a functional viewpoint.

Work performed

  • Drafting and comprehensive management of architectural and engineering projects (including installation projects). Health and Safety study.
  • Comprehensive management and direction of the construction work.
  • Technical assistance with start-up, licenses and permits.

 New technology centre for the development of surgical and medical prosthetics.

Socinser 21 S.A.

Parque Tecnológico de Gijón.

Project end date
july de 2008.

Works completion date
Octubre de 2010.

Total built area
3.100 m2.

2.100 m2.