Electric substation refurbishment in Mieres


VIESGO is an energy company dedicated to generating, distributing and commercializing electricity and gas in Spain and Portugal. It operates in the regulated electricity distribution market and in the liberalized markets for electricity generation and electricity and gas commercialization. It currently distributes electricity through a grid infrastructure of 31,000 kilometers and has a generation park of 4,150 MW of conventional and renewable energy throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The purpose of the report is to present a diagnosis of the current situation of the building in terms of its state of preservation and existing pathologies, as well as the representation in drawings of its true geometric dimensions. A cloud of points has therefore been taken with the help of a 3D laser scanner that faithful identification of the geometry of the entire building, both inside and outside. The purpose of the Preliminary Project is to provide content to the whole and to highlight the architectural value of the property as a testimony to the region’s industrial history. The action that will be carried out will also allow the existing substation to continue operating. It has been decided to have the purposes described below, which seems to be the most convenient decision from a functional point of view and for the refurbishment of the building:

  • Museum/didactic use emphasizing the heritage value of industrial buildings and allowing diverse events to be hosted, among which it is proposed to hold Viesgo conventions with their corresponding social events.
  • Administrative use. The preliminary draft includes the inclusion of office space, training areas and multipurpose spaces.

The new spaces that are generated in the building will allow users to use the building as office headquarters, promoting a series of multipurpose areas that be used for conventions, as well as for the future rental of these spaces to persons outside the company. We have tried at all times to make the uses specific to the substation compatible with the new uses. The building works independently for each different use. The accesses are differentiated so that there is no conflict in their subsequent use.

Functions developed

  • Current status report.
  • Drafting of the preliminary project.


Refurbishment of the Electric Substation in Santa Cruz de Mieres.


Viesgo Distribución Eléctrica, S.L.


Mieres, Asturias (Spain)

Project end date

September 2016

Total built surface

7,227.00 m2

Area of ​​the plot

15,548.38 m2