Aids to Investment and R&D in Andalusia

The Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia has opened the 2017 Aid calls corresponding to the following programs:

  • Support Program for Business R&D+i

(Deadline for applications up to 17/10/2017)

  • Industrial Research Projects (TRL 2-4).
  • Experimental Development Projects (TRL 5-7).


  • International R&D+i Development Program

(Deadline for applications up to 30/09/2020 or while funds last)

  • International R&D+i projects, which have been evaluated by an international committee (ERAnets, JPI, JTI, Eureka, Iberoeka) and in which the Andalusian company has not received funding.
  • External advice for presentation of international projects (only SMEs).
  • Projects for the International Launch of an Innovative Company (only SMEs).


  • Industrial Development Program, improvement of competitiveness, digital transformation and job creation

(Deadline for applications up to 30/12/2018 while funds last)

  • Line a. Creation of economic activity
    • 1) Entrepreneurial projects.
    • 2) Small Enterprise Projects.
    • 3) Medium Enterprise Projects.
  • Line b. Improvement of business competitiveness
    • 1) Investment projects to improve competitiveness promoted by SMEs.
  • Line c. Job generation
    • 1) Projects with high job generation (only SMEs)
  • Line d. Advanced services
    • 1) Projects for the incorporation of advanced services for business management (only SMEs).
    • 2) Initiatives for business development (only SMEs).
    • 3) Technical support for the realization of business cooperation projects in Andalusia (only SMEs).
  • Line e. Digital transformation of SMEs
    • 1) Projects of advanced services for the digital transformation of SMEs.