Know the path of IMPULSO since the beggining

Our history, the best presentation

IMPULSO is an independent company and a leader in advanced professional services in engineering, architecture and consulting. It was founded in 1980 and its philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • Fully client oriented.
  • Professional ethics and independence.
  • Quest for excellence in all of its process by means of constant innovation.
  • Sustainability and long-term vision.


IMPULSO is a professional services company with an international projection, specialized in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Consultancy, which offers comprehensive technical assistance to the public and private sector, designing solutions to materialize their ideas and projects from an innovative perspective.

Resulting from the merger of Edin Ingeniería S.L. and Impulso Industrial Alternativo, S.A., IMPULSO using Asturian capital entirely, and it treasures the experience and knowledge of 30 years of business experience.

In 1980, Avelino Suárez founded the company Edin Ingeniería, S.L., which provided technical assistance in the fields of mining and industry, and carried out different projects for private companies in Asturias, Galicia and the Bierzo region. Little by little, it expanded its services and became a reference in the design of industrial plants in the northwest and center of Spain.

In 1998, Impulso Industrial Alternativo, S.A. was created, responding to the new needs of the market, demanding architecture and consulting services.

In 2006 IMPULSO emerged of both companies, in a strategic position to offer an integral service in the three key core business areas: engineering, architecture and consulting. A leading company, fully consolidated on the national market and with a clear international vocation.

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