Prudence, Patience, Perseverance and Presence

Jorge Suárez convence con su planteamiento de “las 4 Ps” en la tertulia sobre negocios en África de CAPITAL RADIO.

The CEO of IMPULSO, Jorge Suárez, has participated in the discussion panel on business opportunities in Africa within the special program that the CAPITAL RADIO station has dedicated to our neighbor continent. In his talk, Suarez said that the adventure of doing business in Africa must be addressed by following what he calls the 4Ps “operating with great prudence, having patience, a lot of patience, perseverance and presence” to which he subsequently added a fifth, essential need, namely “money” (‘p’ for the colloquial ‘pasta’). This idea did not fall on deaf ears and was practically the key issue of the entire debate.

Suárez spoke based on the experience of IMPULSO in Africa, where the engineering consultancy firm has offices in Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Ivory Coast and Kenya, and works under way in Nigeria, Cameroon and Congo.

Suárez said that in terms of infrastructure, an important barrier in the continent, Africa still has a long way to go, but that this is not the only difficulty, but also education and local talent.

Suarez insisted that when it comes to doing business, it is important not to consider Africa as a whole, but to take into account the peculiarities of each country. In addition, he assured that “a very important asset is the people. In Africa the average age is 24, and it is estimated that in 2050 half of the population of the world will be African “which certainly should be taken into account when considering business.

The agro-industry is, according to Suarez, a pending issue that may be an opportunity for Spain. “Africa needs direct foreign investment. The agro-industry, as important as it is, is not developed yet,” he said.

In closing his speech, he called for a greater institutional presence in these countries to facilitate our relations with them.

Listen to the full discussion here