New Technology Centre in the Gijón Technology Park

Project Description

The building is organised around tentacles or “jagged” fingers to achieve the best views of the landscape and the optimum orientation. As a consequence, a series of pleasant, exterior garden terraces have been created. The façade design was based on the use of glass incorporating unique images portraying the company’s one-hundred-year history; a history that is genuinely important to the industrial history of Asturias and Spain.

Hugo Fontela, the renowned Asturian artist, worked with Impulso to create these large format images, the execution of which demanded the use of sophisticated technology coming from the automotive sector, used for the first time in Spain on a project of these dimensions.


    • Drafting and comprehensive management of architectural and engineering projects
    • Comprehensive management and direction of the construction work
    • Technical assistance with contracting

New Technology Centre in the Gijón Technology Park

Duro Felguera S.A.

Gijón Technology Park

Project end date
Marzo de 2007

Completion date
Octubre de 2008

Total built area
9.165 m2.