Industrial Plants

Industrial States


Shopping Malls


Energy efficiency

Civil work

Underwater Hydraulic Pipelines


Technical Due Diligence

Environmental impact studies

Restoration projects

Aquaculture plants and facilities

Improvement of energy efficiency

Renewable energy production plants

Health and safety studies

Cogeneration projects

Hydraulic mini-plants

Water treatment plants

Waste treatment

Technical assistance in the bundling and contracting of works

Monitoring and control of costs, deadlines, quality and safety on site

Environmental monitoring and control

Technical assistance in obtaining service supplies

Assistance in legalization and start-up

Sectoral Strategic Plans

Reports, opinions

Topographic studies and surveying

Energy audits

Obtaining energy certification

Structural and stability calculations

Energy feasibility studies


Corporate buildings

Technology Centers

Industrial buildings

Urbanization, land planning and landscaping

Science and technology parks

Tourist and leisure areas


Residential building

Rehabilitation and recovery of industrial and cultural heritage

Energy efficiency improvement projects

Health and safety studies

Projects of buildings with high energy efficiency (A or B)

Structural and stability calculations

Energy feasibility studies

Technical Assistance in the packaging and contracting of works

Monitoring and control of costs, deadlines, quality, safety

Environmental monitoring and control

Technical assistance in obtaining service supplies

Assistance in legalization and start-up

Master plans



Expert reports


Technical Due Diligence

Segregation projects

Energy audits

Obtaining energy certification

Energy feasibility studies


Master Plans

Aquaculture Diversification Plans

Market study

Location studies

Strategic consulting

Basic Project (lay-outs, approximate budgets and deadlines)

Assistance for administrative processing

Environmental Document

Execution Project

Assistance for the contracting of the works

Construction management

Assistance for the design of management teams


Technical assistance for start-up

Technical-productive audits complete assistance

Geology and mining

Mining projects (energy and non-energy)

Restoration plans and environmental impact studies

Mining infrastructure restoration projects

Research permits, exploration projects for mineral deposits, work plans and mining section change projects

Management of authorizations, legalizations and permits (permitting)

Blasting projects in mining and civil works

Restructuring, reindustrialization and diversification plans in mining and industrial areas

Consultancy and technical assistance in mining work inside and outside: safety studies, preparation of internal security provisions, emergency and evacuation plans

Projects of volume calculation and estimation of reserves in mining mineral deposits (modeling of the deposit and evaluation of reserves by categories) and of industrial and ornamental rocks

Studies of geological mapping and geotechnical campaigns

Consultancy and technical assistance to Public Administrations for the drafting and implementation of National Geological Plans

Detail studies of stabilization of cutting slopes, tanks and earth dams

Hydro geological studies and elaboration of geological charts

Studies of natural resource management

Flood studies

Topographic surveys

Geodesy and Topography: Establishment of base networks, ground layout and leveling for the sectors of construction, civil works

Reparcelling and demarcation projects

Land movement projects

Preparation of technical reports and cadastral documents

Field work to support the Cadastre. Cadastral Management

Photogrammetry and orthogonal and oblique aerial digital orthophotography

Vector mapping and mapping adapted to GIS environments. Obtaining scales adapted to the client


Investment, business, training plans

R&D+i projects

Tax deductions for R&D+i activities

Studies and analysis of business incentives

Market studies

Studies, reports and opinions

Business consulting

Investigation of new lines of business

Business plans

Studies and market analysis, sectoral, technical-economic feasibility

Strategic plans

Consulting and Assistance to the private and public sectors

National public tender (Ministries, Autonomous Communities, Municipalities)

International public tender (Multilateral Organizations)


BIM is a working methodology for tackling any kind of architectural or engineering job that makes it possible to further optimize the design, costs and processes.

It allows for on-going control of the budget and planning so that projects are carried out entirely in three dimensions, simulating all stages of the job and anticipating and solving the incidents that are normally generated, before the work starts.

It provides the ideal tools for the completion of the project, management of tenders, planning and execution of the work and management and subsequent use of the buildings, allowing their life cycle to be optimized.