Applications have opened for the 2018 round of the FEDER INTERCONECTA 2018 Grants Programme


The programme is address to groups of companies (minimum 2 and maximum 6) with at least one large or medium company as representative of the group and one SME.

Project Requirements

The project should be aligned with the National Program for Research Aimed at the Challenges of Society.
Duration of the project: 2 or 3 calendar years.
Budget: 1-4 million Euros.

Concepts Eligible For Funding

Personnel costs
Depreciation of equipment
Costs of consumables and supplies
Subcontracting costs
Audit costs

Type And Intensity

Non-repayable grant
60% for small entreprises
50% for medium entreprises
40% for large entreprises

Submission Period

Between the 3 May and 6 June 2018