Aquaculture constitutes an important segment of specialization of the company, in which it is worth noting the complete engineering projects and the supervision of the works of the largest on-shore flat fish farming and fattening plant built in the world to date. Our team is composed of professionals and technical staff of very different backgrounds, capable of providing the knowledge and experience needed to optimize the life cycle of an aquaculture investment.

Our commitment to constant innovation and improvement has led to developing specific know-how for the design of large-scale aquaculture plants, which has earned us a prize for innovative technological development. The company is also currently developing innovation projects in the field of biomass measurement, recirculation systems (MaxRAS system) and the cultivation of polychaetes for the recovery of waste from closed-circuit farms.

The development of EPC solutions (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in the turnkey modality ensures the monitoring of the project from its conception, integrating the different phases of the development until its final start-up, with the guarantees of knowing the investment amount and execution time in advance, reducing the financial risk and ensuring the correct functioning, quality and success of the Project.


Types of Aquaculture Services:

Some aquaculture works