Apr 2019

Grants THD

First call for aid to R & D in the field of digital enabling technologies (THD).

The MINECO allocates € 9 thousand to strengthen the competitiveness of ICT.

The 2019 call has a budget of € 9 million and is aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of ICT companies in the set of digital enabling technologies essential for the digital transformation of the economy and society. Digital enabling technologies are considered those information and communication technologies of high impact and capacity for disruption, strategic for the development and digital transformation of the economy and society (Big data, blockchain, supercomputing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, etc.) Next, we summarize the main characteristics that these aids:


companies with at least 3 years old and economic interest groupings (AIE), except those belonging to the public sector, self-employed professionals and non-profit entities that exercise activity economic.


Research Projects industrial development and Experimental Development Projects (can range from the proof of concept of a technology to the development of a non-commercial prototype).

Exclusion: Fundamental research projects, innovation, customary modifications or minor changes or improvements (capacity increases) production, mere substitutions, etc.).

Thematic priorities:

– Internet of Things.

– Digital infrastructures and 5G networks.

– Diffuse and cloud computing.

– Massive data and information processing technologies.

– High performance computing (HPC ) .

– Natural language processing.

– Cybersecurity, biometrics and digital identity and industrial cybersecurity.

– Distributed databases (blockchain / DLT) .

– Robotics.

– Artificial intelligence.

– Virtual reality.

– Micro / nano electronics.


Incompatibility with other aids.

Before receiving the payment of the aid, guarantees must be established that will be determined from the rating of the economic-financial solvency of the entity.

The total payment of the aid will be made at the time of granting the aid and after the establishment of guarantees.

Minimum budget of € 200,000. Incentive effect (part of the project must be carried out in 2019).

Projects with a budget of more than 1,000,000 €, must have subcontracting for an amount ≥25% of the budget submitted.


Personnel expenses: researchers, technicians and other auxiliary personnel.

Costs of instrumental and inventoriable material (amortization cost).

Contractual research, technical knowledge and patent costs acquired or obtained by license, as well as consultancy costs.

General expenses.

Other operating expenses (costs of material, supplies and similar products).


The modality of the aid will be that of subsidy, in competitive concurrence.