The BIM model has led to a profound transformation of the traditional dynamics of the construction sector, both in buildings and infrastructures. The intensification and optimization of the information flows that it involves, together with the integral vision of the complete life cycle of an infrastructure, necessarily lead to an optimization of the processes and a reduction of the risks for the sector and all its players. The extra costs arising from omissions or interference and the increased time associated with poor designs or poor programming will be progressively reduced and eliminated by the implementation of this new way of making and understanding construction.


IMPULSO has been a pioneer in the adoption of BIM technologies in its architecture and engineering processes. As early as 2009, we began our adaptation to the new model, aware of its enormous potential, its ability to completely transform the construction sector and the need to have enough time for a gradual and smooth implementation.


IMPULSO has now already reached a high degree of maturity and significant experience in the integration of structural and MEP systems of our projects, thanks to continuous investment in the training of our professionals. The adaptation process has been long and continues to date, but at this time we can say that BIM is no longer an option for us, but rather a standard.