The seventh Call for Proposals (CfP07) has been issued within the Clean Sky 2 framework. This call includes 72 topics (thematic priorities) and a community contribution of 72.77 Million €.

The list of topics or thematic priorities can be consulted here.

Clean Sky is the main European commitment for the development of the future generation of more environment-friendly European aircraft, guaranteeing the competitiveness of European industry worldwide. The demonstrators included in this program are the following:

  • Large passenger aircraft (IADP)
  • Regional aircraft (IADP)
  • Helicopters (IADP)
  • Structures (ITD)
  • Engines (ITD)
  • Systems (ITD)
  • SAT Cross section
  • ECO cross section
  • Technological Evaluator 2

Clean Sky offers financing that can reach 100% non-repayable funding depending on the type of project (research or innovation).

This call allows the submission of parallel proposals covering complementary activities to the topic and which in the future can be financed through Structural Funds.

The budget, the duration and the characteristics of the projects are specifically marked for each of the thematic priorities of the call, and the projects may be presented individually or in consortium.

Impulso has obtained a 65% success rate in previous calls, while the industry average is only 14%.