Geology and Mining is an important activity in IMPULSO, as it constitutes the true origin of the company. This activity began in 1980, carrying out mining technical projects as well as project management in mining and blasting operations in quarries of Asturias, Galicia and Castilla y León. In the 90s, the company acquired great relevance in the field of industrial and mining reconversion of declining regions, being responsible for over 40% of the restructuring of Spanish coal mining.

IMPULSO has a multidisciplinary team made up of: engineers, mining technical engineers, surveyor technical engineers, geologists and engineers in geodesy and mapping. As regards its technical means, it has equipment with state-of-the-art technology; fully robotic stations with laser distance meters; GPS; precise leveling devices, as well as specific and detailed GIS software, digital photogrammetric software, etc.

At present, a large number of new technical assistance services have been incorporated in the area of geology and mining, which significantly increase the potential of its service portfolio.

In addition, the company is currently involved in the largest project in the world in terms of geological and mining research, advising the IGEO (Geological Institute of Angola – Government of Angola) and leading the Spanish-Portuguese consortium responsible for carrying out the PLANAGEO, National Geology Plan of Angola.

Some geology and mining works / References