Open call 2019 of the program of INDUSTRY CONNECTED 4.O.

of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

We are pleased to inform you that the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has published the call 2019 of the INDUSTRY CONNECTED 4.0 program with an economic endowment of € 50,000,000


Promote the digital transformation of processes and the creation of technologically advanced products and services with greater added value in industrial companies that consequently increase their competitiveness.

Below we summarize the main characteristics of these aids:


Companies that are not part of the public sector and that have been developing a productive industrial activity (CNAEs 10 to 32) for at least three years


  • Industrial research and experimental development projects.
  • Innovation projects in the field of organization and processes. In this type of projects, in the case of Large Companies there must be an effective collaboration with SMEs, and for this, the SMEs with which they collaborate will have a minimum of 40% of the total eligible costs.


  • Investment execution Deadline: from the day following the date of submission to a maximum of 18 months from the resolution of the concession.
  • Minimum budget: 100,000 euros.
  • Guarantee: Need to submit a guarantee of 20% of the proposed loan before the final resolution of the loan..
  • Thematic priorities: business solutions and collaborative platforms, mass data processing, additive manufacturing, advanced robotics, sensors and embedded systems.


  • Personnel Costs.
  • Costs of instruments and inventory material, to the extent and during the period in which it is used for the project.
  • Contractual research costs, know-how and patents acquired or obtained by license from external sources under arm’s length conditions.
  • Supplementary general expenses: Expenses for protection by industrial and intellectual property, and other additional operating expenses, including costs of material, supplies and similar products that are derived directly from the project activity.


Loan reimbursable at 0% interest rate of up to 80% of the fundable budget with 10 years of amortization and 3 years of grace. The amount of the loan may not exceed 5 times the applicant’s own funds. A single company can get a maximum of 10 million euros, among all the projects submitted to the call. The following limits on loans will also apply:

  • Industrial research projects => 10 M € per company and project.
  • Experimental development projects=> 7.5 M € per company and project.
  • Innovation projects in the field of organization and processes=> 5 M € per company and project..
  • The loans granted may incorporate aid element whose maximum gross intensity will be, according to the type of project and the size of the company, from 15 to 70%.

This type of financing does not burden the bank risk of the company, as it does not appear in the figures of the CIRBE.


Open from 04/05/2019 until 05/08/2019.