Industrial research in the field of aeronautical electromechanical actuation for flight control. (AEROEMA)


CESA is a leading company in Europe in the field of manufacturing of aeronautical systems, with Tier 1 category. Twenty-five years after its creation, CESA has become a European leader in the development and manufacture of fluid-mechanical equipment for clients such as AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, AIRBUS, Messier-Dowty, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, IAI/Gulfstream and Eurofighter. The demand for quality and innovation from these customers has led CESA to establish itself as the European leader in Hydraulic Tanks and Cargo Gate and Ramp Actuation Systems. CESA, thanks to the confidence shown by its customers and its capacity for innovation, is also one of the few companies in the world that has developed carbon fiber equipment, which are certified and accumulate several tens of thousands of flight hours. CESA bases its competitive leadership and survival on technological differentiation, with innovation being essential in its long-term strategy. Accordingly, it is committed to continuous research in its processes and products, leading several large-scale projects in the aeronautical sector.

The Consortium that will develop the project, led by CESA, has the participation of another large company of the Velatia Group, a world leader in the field of electronic manufacturing, IKUSI Electronics, and four SMEs highly specialized in their area of ​​knowledge and work such as INDUSTRIA ESPECIALIZADA AERONÁUTICA, S.A. (INESPASA), KORTA S.A.U. (KORTA), OBEKI ELECTRIC MACHINES S.L.U. (OBEKI) and SKYLIFE ENGINEERING, S.L. (SKYLIFE). These six partners are supported in their research work by five Research Bodies: University of Seville (US), Association of Research and Industrial Cooperation of Andalusia (AICIA), TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION FOUNDATION (TECNALIA), Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development – Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) and University of Mondragón (MU).

The ultimate goal of the project is to take a decisive step towards the development of technologies to obtain electromechanical actuators for applications in critical aeronautical systems for the aircraft of the future, focusing on the “More Electrical Aircraft” concept and contributing to providing greater safety, efficiency, noise reduction, mitigation of greenhouse gases and reduction of the volume and weight of the systems shipped on the airplane and, consequently, to make the aeronautical industry more competitive and sustainable.

Functions developed

  • Management of the consortium and documentary support.
  • Drafting of the report, including work plan.
  • Budget analysis.
  • Management and coordination of work team.
  • Monitoring of the project and support in the justification of expenses.
  • Organization of periodic follow-up meetings and documentary support thereof.
  • Communication with Administration.


Industrial research in the field of aeronautical electromechanical actuation for flight control.


6 companies, 5 OIs.


€7.4 million.

Start date

October 2016

End date

September 2020