Project Management Support to AIRFRAME ITD under the European Programme Clean Sky 2


Clean Sky 2 is a Joint Technology Initiative promoted by the European Commission and the main players in the aeronautical sector. This initiative can be defined as the largest European research program in the aeronautical sector. It is aimed at the development of innovative and cutting-edge technology to reduce emissions and noise levels generated in aviation. Co-funded by the European Union’s H2020 program, Clean Sky 2 helps strengthen the collaboration of the European airspace industry, global leadership and competitiveness. The demonstrators included in this program are the following:

  • Large passenger aircraft (IADP).
  • Regional aircraft (IADP).
  • Helicopters (IADP).
  • Structures (ITD).
  • Engines (ITD).
  • Systems (ITD).
  • SAT cross section.
  • ECO cross section.
  • Technological evaluator 2.

The ITD Airframe intends to rethink and develop new technologies that address the objectives of improvement in structures in an integral way: improving aerodynamics with new developments, combining and integrating new materials and structural techniques, and integrating innovative control and propulsion architectures in the structure; all this while considering limiting factors such as weight, cost, impact on life cycle and durability. The ITD Airframe addresses a complex group of challenges and has been divided into 9 technology areas, involving more than 95 beneficiaries among leaders, core partners, third parties and partners.

The general coordination of the ITD and its dialog with the Joint Undertaking is channeled through the leaders defined as coordinators, a task that in this case is jointly developed by Dassault Aviation, SAAB and Airbus DS. This coordination encompasses the preparation of reports, gathering of information, organization of control meetings, review of expenses reported by the beneficiaries, and a long list of others for whose coordination and management an international tender was launched that was finally granted to the joint proposal offered by Arttic, the French consulting company based in Paris, and IMPULSO.

Functions developed

  • Development of management and quality plans for monitoring the different work packages.
  • Preparation of contractual documents such as the Annual Implementation Plan and GAM, as well as their periodic updates.
  • Preparation and management of the consortium agreement.
  • Financial management of payments to beneficiaries.
  • Assistance in dissemination and communication tasks.
  • Periodic follow-up meetings.
  • Preparation of periodic execution reports.
  • Assistance to partners for change requests.
  • Continuous assistance to partners.


Structures (AIRFRAME – ITD).


95 (leaders, core partners and Third Parties).


€333.5 million.

Start date

July 2014

End date

December 2020