DGPSA Central Laboratories

Project description

IPSA Institute of Agricultural Protection and Health, performs different activities to prevent and control epidemics in agricultural production in coordination with public and private institutions.

The institution guarantees the protection and agricultural health of the country, through the creation and application of standards and regulations that ensure healthy food in national production, imports and exports.

The objective of this project is the creation of:

Three national laboratories: Veterinary Diagnostics and Microbiology of Food, Phytosanitary Diagnostics and Quality of Seeds and Chemical and Biological Residues.

The estimated surfaces for the buildings of the laboratories according to the needs raised are:

National Laboratory of Veterinary Diagnostics and Microbiology of Foods: 1,070.04 m².

National Laboratory of Phytosanitary Diagnostics and Quality of Seeds: 1,967.30 m².

National Laboratory of Chemical and Biological Residues distributed in two sections (including common areas and communication):

  • Waste section: 1,239.00 m².
  • Section Control of Quality of Veterinary Medicines and Control Section of Pesticides: 659.56 m².

Space is also provided for common areas that include: computer office, library and consultation area, meeting and conference room, dining room, warehouse for each laboratory and extraction, purification, softening, water collection and distribution plant.

Vials and parking areas will be adjusted as much as possible to the existing topography in the plot trying to reduce environmental impacts and excessive earth movements.


  • Topographical studies.
  • Soil and geotechnical studies.
  • Environmental studies.
  • Master plan.
  • Basic project.
  • Execution project of each of the laboratories.
  • Procedures and permits.
  • Socioeconomic feasibility studies.
  • Special specifications based on ISO / IEC 17025.
  • Schedule and execution strategy of works.

Prefeasibility and feasibility studies for the construction of central laboratories of the DGPSA.

Institute of Agricultural Protection and Health.

Managua, Nicaragua.

End of project date
November, 2016.

Toral built area
11,159.87 m²

Plot area
39,527.01 m²