R&D+i center for nanomechanizing and precision optics.


The project has been conceived from the understanding that, in a technological center, ideas and processes are intermingled, eliminating the classic distinction between industrial

and office buildings that has been detrimental to the traditional image of the industry.

The architecture of the industry therefore arises strongly in this building, allowing a modern image far from the industrial building world, in which the incorporation of metal lattices with different textures and mechanizations acts as an allusion to the technological processes that the company develops, recalling the activity of the center.

Access to the building is through a double atrium located in a corner that, thanks to a crystalline surround, provides the appropriate representative image for the project. Various terraces in which private and public uses are combined contribute to the innovative image of this technological plant in which architecture and industry blend and highlight each other.

Functions developed

  • Drafting of Basic and Execution Projects.
  • Drafting of Health and Safety Study.
  • Works Management.
  • Work Health and Safety Coordination.
  • Topographic surveys.


R&D+i center for nanomechanizing and precision optics.


Mecanizados Escribano S.L.


University of Alcalá de Henares Technology Park. Madrid.



Project end date

March 2010.

Work End Date

July 2011.

Total constructed surface

5,325.53 m2.

Total constructed surface

6,825.00 m2.