New technology centre for digital image production

Project Description

An industrial building? An administration building? A technology centre? The architectural proposal for the Repromorés’s new technology centre for digital image production posed a real design challenge and gave rise to a really exceptional space.

A container-like office building, a combination of industrial and administration building.

The result is a compact, translucent, flexible and low-cost building with all the functionality of an industrial building and the build quality and look of a technology centre. A true architectural and construction challenge.

The façade is based on a combination of layers of steel plates and a curtain wall made of coloured glass.


  • Drafting and comprehensive management of architectural and engineering projects.
  • Management and direction of the construction work.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Health and safety coordination.


New technology centre for digital image production

Repromorés S.L.

Asturias Technology Park, Llanera, Asturias

Project end date
December 2006

Completion date
December 2007

Total built area
5.175,00 m2


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