Creation of two technology and innovation parks in the mining and agroindustrial sectors in Colombia


In the year 2020 Boyacá will be a prosperous and competitive region, thanks to the generation of value chains based on science, technology and innovation, the strategic use of its geographical position, its diversity of climates, cultures, its enormous tourist, mining and agricultural potential, its infrastructure and connectivity, as well as its deep social responsibility and the preservation of the environment that provides its citizens with opportunities for social and economic development in conditions of sustainability, equity and security.

The PCT Boyacá in the social context will help to:

  • Consolidate the population centers and their area of influence.
  • Encourage the permanence and rootedness of the young and qualified population of the region.
  • Develop the business fabric based on science, technology and innovation.
  • Promote public-private collaboration based on the improvement of relations between the business world, public institutions and government, and the academic world.

The positive influence that the PCT Boyacá will have on the economic context can be translated into:

  • Improvement of the Mining and Agro-Industrial sectors, by introducing a focus for promotion and support: science, technology and innovation.
  • Opening of new business opportunities in the sectors.
  • Becoming the reference for scientific, technological and innovation development in the regional industrial zone.
  • Fostering the permanence and attraction of qualified staff, promoting economic and social improvement.
  • Promotion of young entrepreneurs under the umbrella of PCT Boyacá, a scientific, technological and innovation environment.

Functions developed

  • Diagnosis of needs and capacities of the sector.
  • Preliminary characterization of the Project.
  • Evaluation and Socialization of the Project.
  • Preparation of the Master Plan.
  • Drafting of the Technical Preliminary Project.
  • Economic and financial feasibility study.


Creation of two technology and innovation parks in the mining and agroindustrial sectors


Governing Council of Boyacá.


Boyacá. Colombia.

Works start date

January 2015

Project end date

September 2015

Plot area

30,986.70 m2 (agroindustrial)

31,918.67 m2 (mining)