190 MW combined cycle power plant in Old Harbor Bay.


The facility is a Chilled Seawater Combined Cycle Power Production Plant with a production capacity of 190 MW, which will be built on the coastal property of Old Harbor Bay (76 km west of Kingston). The facility will have dual combustion capacity using automotive diesel oil as emergency reserve fuel when natural gas is not available. The power will be delivered at 138 KV to an existing distribution power line next to the Plant.

The installation will consist of three natural gas turbine generators, three natural gas recovery steam generators, a steam turbine generator, a water cooled condenser, and related auxiliary equipment.

Functions developed


– Geotechnical investigation.

– Topographic and bathymetric studies.

– Study of climate and flood risk.

– Effluent treatment studies.

– Geology, hydrology, ocean studies, seismic analysis, soil studies and liquefaction.

– Studies of operational risks.

– Hydraulic studies and CFD model.

– Study of sediment transport.


– Building permits.

– Permits related to work safety.

– Permits for the handling of dangerous and explosive materials.

– Effluent discharge permits.

– Waste management permits.

Engineering, purchasing and construction management:

– Project of structures and foundations.

– Land movement project.

– Roads and drainage project.

– Project for seawater intake capture.

– Building project:

– Office building.

– Electrical building/workshop.

– Social services building.

– Provisional buildings.

– Building for the water treatment plant.

– Pumping building.

– Workshop and Warehouse.

– Virtual visits. Virtual reality.

– Water Treatment Plant Project.

– Refrigeration pipe network projects.


190 MW combined cycle power plant in Old Harbor Bay.


Jamaican Public Service Company. (JPSC)



Works start date

September 2016

Project end date

November 2017