Extension of aquaculture plant for sole farming.


Safiestela Lda. currently produces juvenile sole destined for the Group’s fattening plants. After deciding to increase its production, it chose to adapt old installations dedicated to other marine fish farming activities as the best solution, transforming them into a modern plant for the cultivation of sole in recirculation, equipped with all the necessary facilities: raw water reservoirs and pumping, supply and evacuation networks, fattening tanks, water recirculation systems, power systems, electrical installations, processing room, auxiliary buildings, etc.

Fattening plant

The fattening plant is the central objective of the action. The project uses an existing building of approximately 80×40 m2, divided into two bays of 20 m. There are tasks to be carried out in terms of the structural consolidation and reconfiguration of the same, as well as demolitions in order to adapt it to its final use. Inside of the building fattening and pre-fattening tanks are installed transversely to the longitudinal axis, as well as all the pipes that distribute the flows to the tanks.

Processing room

Located in the northern part of the plot, it is the facility in which the sole is received and processed until it is sent to the final receiver. The action is performed on a building of approximately 41×14 m2.

Administrative building

Located opposite the entrance to the plot, on the northeast side, a constructed area of​approximately 220 m² is adapted for offices, with an “open space” administrative area, offices, meeting room and dining room.

Auxiliary building

It is a new rectangular construction located in the northern part of the plot, near the entrance, for warehouses and various uses.

Water Recirculation System

A modern Recirculation System is designed for the reuse of farming waters, equipped with general pumping, state-of-the-art water treatment technology, systems for adapting the physical characteristics of the water before its reincorporation into the farm, control systems, etc., in order to achieve maximum water quality, minimize operating costs and produce the highest quality sole.

Functions developed

  • Preliminary project.
  • Basic Project.


Extension of aquaculture plant for sole farming




Póvoa de Varzim. Portugal.

Project start date

February 2016.

Project end date

December 2016.

Work budget: €6,370,000.