Industrial construction of galvanized and lacquered steel coils


Santander Coated Solutions, registered as part of the Networks Steel Resources group, whose parent company of Aranda de Duero has already reached its production ceiling, needs a second plant in Santander to meet the market demands of Northern Europe and Africa. This new galvanized and lacquered steel line is designed to meet the highest standards of quality on the market, incorporating the latest advances in automated management. It will efficiently and profitably supply the widest range of steel products. Its annual production will be 85,000 tons of pre-lacquered coils.

Installed on a plot of 15,000 m2 in the service area of ​​the Port of Santander, almost at the foot of the S-10 road, the factory has an area of ​​12,085 m2 and will involve a budgeted investment of 14.5 million euros. With 45 direct employees, the new plant will be dedicated to the importation, exportation, deposit and transformation of lacquered steel, a technology in which its managers have become experts thanks to Chinese technological support, to the extent that several engineers of this nationality have participated in the development of the project.

The plant consists of two attached warehouses without any intermediate division. The warehouse located more to the northwest will be dedicated to storage and will have a crown height of +13.30 m. The warehouse located more to the southwest, housing the productive process, will be the highest with a crown height of +16.30 m. The warehouses have attached a series of buildings and areas annexed to the southwest, necessary for the auxiliary facilities which the pre-lacquered industrial line needs. This series of buildings has an occupied area of ​​approximately 1,305.07 m2. In front of the main shed there is a building, on the ground floor, for subsidiary use, changing rooms, toilets, dining room, laboratory, etc. The constructed area of ​​this auxiliary building is 264 m2. There will be a mezzanine of offices over this, with a constructed area of 245 m2

Functions developed

  • Topography.
  • Drafting of Execution Project.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Works Supervision and Safety and Health Coordination.


Industrial construction of galvanized and lacquered steel coils in the Port of Santander.




Port of Santander.

Project end date

August 2015

Work end date:


Total constructed surface

12,085.17 m²