Collaboration Challenges Aids

Apoyo financiero a proyectos en cooperación entre empresas y organismos de investigación, para la realización conjunta de proyectos de I+D.

November 14 marks the first day of the 2017 COLLABORATION CHALLENGES call by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness for the granting of financial support to projects in cooperation between companies and research organizations, for the joint execution of R&D projects, close to the market and whose theme is aligned with the priorities established in the Challenges of the State R&D+i Program oriented at the Company’s Challenges. The call presents a budgetary allocation of €300 million of FEDER Reimbursable Advance Payment and Loan and €99.4 million in Aid.

The main features of this call are summarized below:


Groupings between companies and research organizations with at least two participants: 1 public or private research organization + 1 company. The coordinator requesting the aid will always be a company.

Types of project:

Experimental development projects conducted under the cooperation modality.

Project requirements:

  • Duration: Part of the project must be done in 2018. Between 2-4 years. Motivating effect.
  • Budget: 000 – €15M. Minimum 10% per participant, participation of research organizations between 10-40% and maximum per entity of 70%.

The following may be financed:

  • Personnel expenses.
  • Instrument and material costs (amortization).
  • Purchase of expendable material and consumables.
  • Indirect costs.
  • Other direct costs: patents, consulting (only the leader, maximum €10,000/year), travel, technical assistance.
  • Account audits (maximum: €1,200 per beneficiary entity and annuity).

Type and intensity of aid:

  • Research organizations. Subsidy and FEDER reimbursable advance up to 100%.
  • Public – 40% subsidy. Private – Loan up to 95% at Euribor 1 year (0%), 10 years amortization with 3-year grace period.
  • Guarantees:
    • When the total loan granted to a beneficiary per project is ≥€200,000, obligation to present guarantees for 25% of the capital of the loan granted, in each annuity.
    • When the Total loan granted to the project is ≥€1,000,000, all beneficiaries who receive a loan will be required to present guarantees for 25% of the capital of the loan granted to each beneficiary, in each annuity.