IMPULSO holds informative webinars.

The Company advises about public funding for invest and R&D projects

IMPULSO has launched the development of informative programs on the subjects that its Consulting Department manages (public financial instruments to support investment and R&D) using the latest communication technology that, in a direct and immediate way, allows mass training activities and interaction between receivers and emitters. IMPULSO has put all its effort into presenting the content in an easily understandable, clear, summarized and brief manner. This initiative responds to its desire to provide a better and more complete service to its clients and other interested parties.

A webinar is a conference, workshop, course or seminar in video format that is delivered via the Internet. IMPULSO conducted its first one on Friday February 3, with the participation of fifty people who for one hour listened to and watched the presentation of the main novelties of 2017 in relation to public aid programs for investment projects by the Director of the Consulting Department, María Alonso, and the Head of the Investment Area, Raquel Vázquez.

For information on upcoming webinars, see the following link: