El IGAPE tendrá abiertas las AYUDAS A PROYECTOS DE INVERSIÓN EMPRESARIAL hasta el 31 de diciembre o hasta fin de los fondos.

The GALICIAN INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC PROMOTION has opened the SUPPORT FOR BUSINESS INVESTMENT PROJECTS, aimed at stimulating the start-up of business investment projects in Galicia, with the purpose of boosting economic activity and promoting job maintenance and creation through the development and improvement of existing companies as well as by the creation and start-up of new business initiatives.

The main features of these aids are summarized below:


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may benefit from these aids.

The beneficiaries may also be groups of public or private natural persons or legal entities, jointly owned entities or any other type of economic unit or separate property.

Types of project:

  • – Line I Aids for investment in productive equipment. Projects aimed at investments in machinery and other equipment goods for capacity expansion, diversification of production or essential changes in the production process of an existing establishment.
  • – Line II Aids for job creation investments. Projects aimed at investments in civil works and machinery and other equipment goods for the creation of a new establishment or expansion of an existing one that presents potential for job creation.

Project requirements:

  • – The project must be carried out in a work center located in Galiciaand have an incentive effect.
  • – A financial contribution must be made to the investment project that is exempt from any kind of public support of at least 25% of the eligible costs.
  • – Line I: The eligible investment must be equal to or greater than €50,000 and less than €900,000. The project execution deadline may not be longer than 6 months.
  • – Line II: The limit of the eligible investment depends on the characteristics of the project. The execution time of the project may not exceed 12 months.

The following may be financed:

  • – Line I: process machinery, specific facilities, equipment and means of internal transport, special vehicles for external transport, means of environmental protection and other equipment goods.
  • – Line II: Civil works, acquisition of new constructions, capital goods, investments in tangible fixed assets, intangible assets and reforms of installations in leased properties.

Type and intensity of aid:

In the case of small enterprises, the subsidy may be up to 20% (Line I) or 35% (Line II). The percentage of aid for medium enterprises is up to 10% in the case of the Aid Line I or 25% for Line II.


Until 30/12/2017 or while funds last.