Artificial vision for estimating fish biomass

IMPULSO is investigating new automatized feed systems for aquaculture

Impulso Industrial Alternativo, S.A. is carrying out the experimental development project known as “Real-time fish biomass determination system based on 3D image processing and artificial vision for optimization of aquaculture feeding systems”.

This project, in which IMPULSO INDUSTRIAL ALTERNATIVO participates as a leader, is being executed in collaboration with the Group of Measurement Systems, Energy Storage and Industrial Applications of the University of Oviedo.  

The main objective of the system is to develop an automatic feeding system for fish farms controlled by a low-cost system that allows a real-time estimation of the fish biomass in an aquaculture facility, with minimal human intervention in order to optimize production costs. It seeks to maximize the use of food by fish; that is, maintaining a low feed conversion rate to optimize production growth and yield and avoid overfeeding of fish, an important source of deterioration of water quality, proliferation of diseases, fish mortality , etc.

With regard to the biomass estimation system, the aim is to improve the accuracy of currently available biomass estimation systems by developing a system based on artificial vision with a lower error than that of these systems.

This project is being co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness within the 2013-2016 National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation and the European Regional Development Fund through the 2015 NATIONAL PROGRAM FOR RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION ORIENTED TO THE CHALLENGES OF SOCIETY with case number RTC-2015-4159-2